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Scholar is one of the classes in Arena of Kings. Scholars are religious followers and students of Nosrevi, one of the Old Gods. These supportive Truth-seekers recite Gospels, providing tremendously powerful global Buffs to all allies in the Arena. Instead of using brute force, Scholars rely on unique Crowd Control and various utility spells to make the presence of their Gods felt in the Arena.


Armor[edit | edit source]

Cloth Armor

Stats[edit | edit source]

Health: 9500

Health/sec: 25

Mana: 5300

Mana/sec: 17

Power: 490

Wisdom: 350

Intelligence: 300

Crit Chance: 21.13%

Movement Speed: 315

Armor: 300

Magic Resist: 330

Spells[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Cast time Cooldown Range Description
Scholar.png Scholar Basic Attack 0 Mana Instant 0 second 80yd Shoots a projectile at target enemy dealing 569 magic damage and restores 53 Mana.
Armageddon.jpg Armageddon 225 Mana 1  10 seconds 100yd Creates a fiery Armageddon at your cursor's location for 4 seconds.

Armageddon: Applies Burning for 2 seconds and deals 610 magic damage every second plus an additional 179 magic damage every second Armageddon is active to all enemies within 27 yards.

EtherealBindings.jpg Ethereal Bindings 210 Mana 1 20 seconds 100yd Applies Ethereal Bindings to target enemy for 3.5 seconds.

Ethereal Bindings: You are immune to healing and all sources of damage and cannot move or use any abilities.

GospelOfDefiance.jpg Gospel Of Defiance 200 Mana 1.25 10 seconds   0 yd Applies Gospel Of Defiance to all party members for 8 seconds.

Gospel Of Defiance: Increases Armor, Magic Resist, and Critical Strike by 199.

GospelOfHarmony.jpg Gospel Of Harmony 450 Mana 1.25 10 seconds 0yd Heals all party members for 1208 and applies Gospel Of Harmony to them for 6 seconds.

Gospel Of Harmony: Heals 272 every second.

GospelOfOnslaught.png Gospel Of Onslaught 185 Mana Instant 60 seconds 0yd Applies Gospel Of Onslaught to all party members for 8 seconds.

Gospel Of Onslaught: Increases power by 25%.

GospelOfPurity.png Gospel Of Purity 380 Mana Instant 12 seconds 0yd Dispels the most recently applied Status Ailment or Debuff from all allies and heals for 513 if a Status Ailment or Debuff was cleansed and applies Gospel Of Purity for 2 seconds.

Gospel Of Purity: Upon expiration, dispels the most recently applied Status Ailment or Debuff from all allies and heals for 513 if a Status Ailment or Debuff was cleansed.

Immortality.png Immortality 250 Mana Instant 35 seconds 100yd Applies Immortality to target ally for 4 seconds.

Immortality: Provides immunity to all forms of damage and increases healing received from all sources by 20%.

Judgement.jpg Judgement 230 Mana 1 0 second 80yd Deals 1027 magic damage to target enemy and applies Blind for 2 seconds.
LifeBurst.jpg Life Burst 310 Mana Instant  25 seconds 80yd Applies Life Burst to target ally for 8 seconds and heals for 20% of their maximum health.

Life Burst: Increases maximum health by 1816.

Mesmerize.jpg Mesmerize 180 Mana Instant  15 seconds 25yd Applies Hobble for 4 seconds and Incapacitate for 2 seconds to all enemies within 25 yards of you.
Portal.jpg Portal 200 Mana Instant 20 seconds 100yd Swap position with your target. If your target is an enemy, interrupt their cast and apply Portal for 1 second. If your target is an ally, you are both healed for 1188.

Portal: Decreases Movement Speed by 66%.

RiteOfPassage.jpg Rite Of Passage 135 Mana Instant 14 seconds 100yd Applies Rite Of Passage to target ally for 8 seconds.

Rite Of Passage: Increases Movement Speed by 15%. Removes all movement impairing Debuffs and heals 215 every second.

ScholarSilence.jpg Silence 260 Mana Instant  25 seconds 0yd Applies Silence to all enemies for 1 second.

Silence: Prevents the use of abilities.

TransferLife.jpg Transfer Life 270 Mana 0.5  0 second 100yd Heals target ally for 1499 and applies Transfer Life for 2 seconds.

Transfer Life: Reduces all damage taken from all sources by 15%.

Truth.jpg Truth 0 Mana Instant  0 second 50yd Passively applies Truth to all allies within 50 yards.

Truth: Increases Movement Speed by 8% and restores 12 Mana (95% reduced effectiveness for Energy and Rage) every second. Provides a 10% chance to restore 80 Mana (95% reduced effectiveness for Energy and Rage) whenever using an ability.