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Scholar is one of the classes in Arena of Kings. Scholars are religious followers and students of Nosrevi, one of the Old Gods. These supportive Truth-seekers recite Gospels, providing tremendously powerful global Buffs to all allies in the Arena. Instead of using brute force, Scholars rely on unique Crowd Control and various utility spells to make the presence of their Gods felt in the Arena.



Cloth Armor


Health: 9500

Health/sec: 25

Mana: 5740

Mana/sec: 43

Power: 538

Wisdom: 670

Intelligence: 300

Crit Chance: 21.13%

Movement Speed: 315

Armor: 385

Magic Resist: 410


Icon Name Cost Cast time Cooldown Range Description
Scholar.png Scholar Basic Attack 0 Mana Instant 0 second 80yd Shoots a projectile at target enemy dealing 377 magic damage.
Armageddon.jpg Armageddon 315 Mana 1.25  15 seconds 100yd Creates a fiery Armageddon at your cursor's location for 4 seconds.

Armageddon: Deals 783 magic damage every second and applies Burning for 2 seconds to all enemies within 27 yards.

Burning: Deals 3.25% of maximum health every second as magic damage and increases chance to be Critically Hit by 5%.

EtherealBindings.jpg Ethereal Bindings 260 Mana Instant 15 seconds 100yd Applies Ethereal Binding to target enemy for 3 seconds.

Ethereal Bindings: Decreases Movement Speed to 0%. Breaks upon receiving damage equal to 30% of your maximum health.

GospelOfDefiance.jpg Gospel Of Defiance 330 Mana Instant 14 seconds   0 yd Applies Gospel of Defiance to all party members for 3 seconds.

Gospel of Defiance: Increases Armor and Magic Resist by 328. Deals 255 magic damge to all enemies within 12 yards every second. Explodes after receiving a total of 1000 damage, dealing 391 and applying Burning to all enemies within 16 yards for 2 seconds.

Burning: Deals 3.25% of maximum health every second as magic damage and increases chance to be Critically Hit by 5%.

GospelOfHarmony.jpg Gospel Of Harmony 370 Mana 1.25 7 seconds 0yd Heals all party members for 988 and applies Gospel of Harmony to them for 7 seconds.

Gospel of Harmony: Heals 153 every second.

GospelOfOnslaught.png Gospel Of Onslaught 185 Mana Instant 60 seconds 0yd Applies Gospel of Onslaught to all party members for 8 seconds.

Gospel of Onslaught: Increases Power by 13%.

GospelOfPurity.png Gospel Of Purity 345 Mana Instant 12 seconds 0yd Cleanse the most recently applied Status Ailment or Debuff from all allies and heals for 339 if a Status Ailment or Debuff was cleaned.
Immortality.png Immortality 250 Mana Instant 60 seconds 100yd Applies Immortality for 4 seconds and Ethereal for 60 seconds to target ally. Ignores global cooldown.

Immortality: Provides Immunity to all forms of damage, Debuffs and Status Ailments.

Ethereal: Cannot be the target of Immortality. Cannot be dispelled.

Judgement.jpg Judgement 230 Mana Instant 0 second 80yd Deals 493 magic damage and applies Judgement for 5 seconds to target and all enemies within 15 yards. Enemies struck have a 20% chance to be Blind for 0.4 seconds.

Judgement: Deals 141 magic damage every second.

Blind: Reduces Power by 12% and causes your screen to go white, hindering your vision.

LifeBurst.jpg Life Burst 265 Mana Instant  4 seconds 80yd Applies Life Burst to target ally for 8 seconds.

Life Burst: Heals 228 every second. The next source of damage that would deal over 400 damage is Absorbed and instantly heals for 1000, causing Life Burst to expire.

Mesmerize.jpg Mesmerize 180 Mana Instant  16 seconds 25yd Deals 480 and applies Hobble for 4 seconds and Incapacitate for 2 seconds to all enemies within 22 yards of you.

Hobble: Decreases Movement Speed by 60% and increases physical damage taken by 3%.

Incapacitate: Disables movement and prevents the use of abilities. Breaks on receiving damage.

Portal.jpg Portal 300 Mana Instant 14 seconds 100yd Swap position with your target. If your target is an enemy, Interrupts for 2 seconds and applies Portal for 1 second. If your target is an ally, you are both healed for 785.

Interrupt: Prevents the current casting spell from being performed and locks it for a short period of time if the spell has a cooldown.

Portal: Decreases Movement Speed by 66%.

RiteOfPassage.jpg Rite Of Passage 135 Mana Instant 20 seconds 100yd Applies Rite of Passage to target ally for 5 seconds.

Rite of Passage: Increases Movement Speed by 15%. Provides Immunity to all root and slowing Debuffs. Heals for 195 every second.

ScholarSilence.jpg Silence 260 Mana Instant  30 seconds 0yd Applies Silence to all enemies for 2.5 seconds.

Silence: Prevents the use of abilities.

TransferLife.jpg Transfer Life 285 Mana 0.5 None 100yd Heals target ally for 1323. When cast on yourself heals an additional 123, otherwise transfer 8% of your current health to target ally. Heals an additional 4% for each Gospel on target ally.
Truth.jpg Truth - Passive Aura - 80yd Passively applies Truth to all allies within 80 yards.

Truth: Increases Movement Speed by 8% and restores 12 Mana (95% reduced effectiveness for Energy and Rage) every second. Amount of Mana restored is doubled for the Scholar. Provides a 10% chance to restore 65 Health and 40 Mana (95% reduced effectiveness for Energy and Rage) whenever using an ability.