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Mystic is one of the classes in Arena of Kings. Mystics are prophetic seers that manipulate threads of the universe through Spiritual rituals and communion of the supernatural. Wearing only Cloth robes, Mystics rely on ancestral tutelage to perform Healing Visions and the conjuring of Temporal Barriers for defense. As an alternative threat create a Blackout, creating visions of disarray into your opponents' minds, Fearing them away from combat.


Armor[edit | edit source]

Cloth Armor

Stats[edit | edit source]

Health: 9250

Health/sec: 25

Mana: 4800

Mana/sec: 17

Power: 490

Wisdom: 350

Intelligence: 300

Crit Chance: 21.13%

Movement Speed: 315

Armor: 300

Magic Resist: 330

Spells[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Cast time Cooldown Range Description
Mystic.png Mystic Basic Attack 0 Mana Instant 0 second 80yd Shoots a projectile at target enemy dealing 630 magic damage and restores 45 Mana.
Aegis.png Aegis 280 Mana Instant 13 seconds 80yd Applies Aegis to target ally for 10 seconds.

Aegis: Provides an additional 10% Physical and magic damage reduction (maximum 100%) whenever tanking 750 damage.

AstralShock.jpg Astral Shock 200 Mana Instant 8 Seconds 80yd Deals 878 magic damage to target enemy. Interrupts for 1 second. If a spell was interrupted applies Shock for 3 seconds.
Blackout.jpg Blackout 220 Mana Instant 14 seconds 14yd Deals 870 magic damage Applies Fear for 2 seconds to all enemies within 20 yards of you.
BlessingSunAndMoon.jpg Blessing Sun And Moon 200 Mana Instant 6 seconds 80yd Applies Blessing Sun And Moon to target ally for 7 seconds.

Blessing Sun And Moon: Heals 387 every second and increases Magic Resist by 284.

Cleanse.jpg Cleanse 235 Mana Instant 8 seconds 80yd Dispels all Status Ailments and Debuffs from target ally. For each effect that is dispelled that ally is healed for 244.
Disenchant.jpg Disenchant 280 Mana 0.5 0 Second 80yd Dispels the most recently applied Buff from all enemies and the most recently applied Status Ailment or Debuff from all allies within 25 yards of your cursor's location.
Divination.jpg Divination 0 Mana Instant 40 Seconds 0yd Applies Divination to you for 6 seconds.

Divination: Increases Critical Strike by 406, after casting any spell 50% of its Mana cost is refunded, and heals you for 116 whenever a spell is cast.

DreamOfProsperity.jpg Dream Of Prosperity 534 Mana 1.25 5 second 0yd Heals all allies for 1534.
HealingVision.jpg Healing Vision 230 Mana 0.75 0 Second 80yd Heals target ally for 1628 and you for 366.
LifeStream.jpg Life Stream 325 Mana Instant 0 second 80yd Applies Life Stream to target ally for 15 seconds. 60% of all damage and 30% of all healing done by you also heals the Life Stream target. You can only have one Life Stream active.
ManaTap.jpg Mana Tap 150 Mana 0.75 2 seconds 80yd Deals 975 magic damage and burns 200 Mana (95% reduced effectiveness for Energy or Rage.

For each amount of Resource lost, deal 1.75 magic damage.

SpiritForm.jpg Spirit Form 195 Mana Instant 22 Seconds 100yd Target ally transcends this plane, gaining Spirit Form for 2 seconds.

Spirit Form: You are invisible to enemies and are immune to all sources of damage.

TemporalBarrier.jpg Temporal Barrier 365 Mana Instant 12 seconds 80yd Applies Temporal Barrier to target ally for 6 seconds. When Temporal Barrier expires, heal that ally for 406. If Temporal Barrier depletes from absorbing damage, you are refunded 115 Mana.

Temporal Barrier: Absorbs 2766 damage and increases Movement Speed by 15%