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Lich is one of the classes in Arena of Kings. Liches are exiled cultists with a fascination for Shadow magic and Poisonous necromancy. Watch opponents languish as they wither from your dark Torment. Primarily through curses and other Debuffs, a Lich will slowly suck the life out of an entire enemy team. Be wary, for channeling black magic in exchange for great Power may self-inflict damage, making you additionally vulnerable in the Arena.



Cloth Armor


Health: 9750

Health/sec: 25

Mana: 6450

Mana/sec: 16

Power: 443

Intelligence: 350

Wisdom: 300

Crit Chance: 21.32%

Movement Speed: 315

Armor: 300

Magic Resist: 335


Icon Name Cost Cast time Cooldown Range Description
Lich.png Lich Basic Attack 0 Mana Instant 0 second 80yd Shoots a projectile at target enemy dealing 691 magic damage and restores 41 Mana.
AbyssalSpike.png Abyssal Spike 230 Mana Instant 11 seconds 55yd Deals 1227 magic damage and applies Stun for 1 second to target enemy.
AcidRain.png Acid Rain 280 Mana 1 8 seconds 80yd Creates Acid Rain at your cursor's location for 6 seconds.

Acid Rain: Deals 433 magic damage and applies Poison for 3 seconds.

Contagion.png Contagion 0 Mana Instant 0 second 0yd Aura: Passively applies Contagion to all enemies within 50 yards.

Contagion: Lowers magic resistance by 18%.

DeathsGrasp.png Deaths Grasp 230 Mana 0.75 13 seconds 80yd Deals 960 magic damage and applies Infection for 4 seconds and Deaths Grasp for 1 second. If target enemy is below 25% health, Deaths Grasp is a guaranteed Critical Strike.

Deaths Grasp: Decreases Movement Speed by 100%.

Depravity.png Depravity 230 Mana 1 6 seconds 80yd Applies Depravity to target enemy for 9 seconds.

Depravity: Deals 101 magic damage and burns 81 mana (95% reduced effectiveness for Energy or Rage) whenever an ability is used.

Exhaustion.png Exhaustion 180 Mana Instant 0 second 80yd Applies Exhaustion to target enemy for 6 seconds.

Exhaustion: Decreases Power and Movement Speed by 15%.

Miasma.png Miasma 260 Mana 1 6 seconds 80yd Applies Miasma to target enemy and all enemies within 12 yards for 8 seconds.

Miasma: Deals 215 magic damage every second and increases damage received from all sources by 30.

Netherbolt.png Nether Bolt 225 Mana 1.25 0 second 80yd Shoots a projectile at target enemy dealing 1033 magic damage on impact.

Deals an addition 219 magic damage for each Debuff you have on the enemy (maximum 5).

Parasite.png Parasite 220 Mana 1 7 seconds 80yd Applies Parasite to enemy target for 8 seconds.

Parasite: Deals 278 magic damage and heals the caster for 348 every second. If dispelled, deals 1033 magic damage to the player suffering from Parasite.

Pestilence.png Pestilence 265 Mana 0.75 15 seconds 80yd Applies Pestilence to target enemy for 10 seconds.

Pestilence Deals 309 magic damage every second, applies Poison for the duration of Pestilence and heals Lich for 30% of poison damage dealt to affected targets. Spreads Pestilence to other allies within 15 yards every second.

PoisonNova.png Poison Nova 225 Mana Instant 8 seconds 27yd Deals 935 magic damage and applies Poison for 5 seconds to all enemies within 27 yards.
PoolOfSouls.png Pool Of Souls 300 Mana 1 8 seconds 0yd Creates a Pool Of Souls at your cursor's location. Increases power by 1% every second you stand in it (maximum 5%) and restores 2% of missing Resource every second.
SacrificeSoul.png Sacrifice Soul 0 Mana Instant 0 second 0yd Restore 5% Mana in exchange for 5% Health and applies Sacrifice Soul to you for 8 seconds.

Sacrifice Soul: Increases Power by 5%.

ShatterMagic.png Shatter Magic 230 Mana 0.75 13 Seconds 80yd Removes all Buffs from target enemy, dealing 1041 magic damage if at least one Buff was removed.
Terrify.png Terrify 210 Mana 1 8 seconds 80yd Applies Fear to target enemy for 2 seconds.
Torment.png Torment 210 Mana Instant 0 second 80yd Applies Torment to target enemy for 10 seconds.

Torment: Deals 254 magic damage every second.

UnderworldArmor.png Underworld Armor 195 Mana Instant 18 Seconds 80yd Applies Underworld Armor to you for 5 seconds and heals you for 406.

Underworld Armor: Increases Armor by 528 and Magic Resist by 173. All healing received from all sources is increased by 25%.