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Energy is the Assassin's equivalent of the caster's Mana and the warrior's Rage bar. A certain amount of Energy is required by most Assassin abilities to be used.

By default the Energy bar is full, with 100 points of Energy.

Energy Regeneration[]

Energy regenerates at a fixed rate of 10 energy every second, in and out of combat

Another way to obtain Energy is by using Basic attacks (Standard Keybind being Spacebar) which will give 5 Energy per attack.

Assassin Spells that Regenerate Energy:[]

Icon Spell Description


Applies Dash to you for 3 seconds. Ignores global cooldown. Does not break Stealth.

Dash: Applies a 30% Fading Haste, restores 5 Energy every second, and increases Armor by 0.17712(Power Ratio).

MurderousInstincts.jpg Murderous Instincts Restores 20 Energy and applies Murderous Instincts to you for 5 seconds. Ignores global cooldown. Does not break Stealth.

Murderous Instincts: Increases your Power by 10% and Critical Strike rating by 50%. Restores 10 Energy every second.

Ranger Spells that Regenerate Energy[]

Icon Spell Description


Restores 10 Energy, removes all movement impairing Debuffs, and applies Vigor to you for 1 second. Using an attack skill breaks Vigor

Vigor: You are invisible, immune to all forms of Crowd Control and damage. Movement Speed is increased by 25%.

Rejuvination Potion Heals target ally for 1.7367(Power ratio) and restores 150 Mana (95% reduced effectiveness for Energy and Rage) and applies Rejuvination Potion for 3 seconds. Can be used while moving.

Rejuvination Potion: Heals for 0.19008(Power ratio) every second, and restores 50 Mana (95% reduced effectiveness for Energy and Rage) every second.