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Elder is one of the classes in Arena of Kings. Elders embody all aspects of nature magic. Primarily Revitalizing allies with restorative Buffs and heals, the Elder can also conjure Windstorms to provide immediate reprieve from fierce threats. When in danger Shapeshift, transforming into a nimble Spirit Wolf or Bear that is tough to catch in any Arena.



Leather Armor


Health: 9750

Health/sec: 25

Mana: 4200

Mana/sec: 17

Power: 490

Agility: 300

Wisdom: 350

Crit Chance: 21.13%

Movement Speed: 315

Armor: 445

Magic Resist: 250


Icon Name Cost Cast time Cooldown Range Description
Elder.png Elder Basic Attack 0 Mana Instant 0 second 80yd Shoots a projectile at target enemy dealing 569 magic damage and restores 43 Mana.
CorrosiveAsp.png Corrosive Asp 225 Mana 1 7 seconds 80yd Shoots a projectile at target enemy dealing 454 magic damage and applies Poison, Hobble, and Blind for 3 seconds on impact.
GraspingVines.png Grasping Vines 175 Mana Instant 12 seconds 80yd Applies Grasping Vines to target enemy for 4 seconds.

Grasping Vines: Decreases movement speed to 0 and deals 338 damage per second. Breaks upon receiving damage equal to 20% of your maximum health.

Inspiration.png Inspiration 0 Mana Instant 45 seconds 80yd Applies Inspiration for 10 seconds.

Inspiration: Restores 130 Mana every second. (95% reduced effectiveness for Energy and Rage).

MendingSpirit.png Mending Spirit 240 Mana Instant 0 second 80yd Heals for 191 and applies Mending Spirit to target ally for 5 seconds.

Mending Spirit: Heals for 191 health every second. The amount healed increases by 48 every tick. When Mending Spirit expires, heals for 734.

Remedy.png Remedy 200 Mana Instant 8 seconds 80yd Cleanse a Status Ailment from target ally, healing for 134 If a Status Ailment was cleansed. Applies Remedy for 6 seconds.

Remedy: Every 2 seconds cleanse a Status Ailment, healing for 134 if a Status Ailment was cleansed.

Revitalize.png Revitalize 260 Mana 0.75 0 second 80yd Heals target ally for 1049 plus an additional 117 for each Buff on the target and applies Revitalize for 8 seconds.

Revitalize: Heals 170 plus an additional 42 for each Buff.

Ritual.png Ritual 0 Mana Instant 0 second 0yd Applies Ritual to all allies within 50 yards.

Ritual Heals for 1% of maximum health and 2% of missing health every 2 seconds.

SeedOfLife.png Seed Of Life 295 Mana Instant 12 seconds 80yd Applies Seed Of Life to target ally for 9 seconds with 2 bounce charges.

Seed Of Life: Heals for 701 when applied and an additional 220 every second.

After 3 seconds, Seed Of Life bounces to the nearest, lowest health other ally within 55 yards.

If there is no valid targets for a bounce, Seed Of Life expires.

Serenity.png Serenity 310 Mana 0.75 15 seconds 80yd Creates Serenity at your cursor's location for 4 seconds.

Serenity: Applies Serenity for 12 seconds to all allies within 40 yards. Serenity: Heals for 187 every second.

Soothe.png Soothe 330 Mana Instant 25 seconds 80yd Heal target ally for 1570 plus an additional 182 for each Buff on the target.

Ignores Global Cooldown.

SpiritWolf.png Spirit Wolf 195 Mana Instant 0.5 seconds 14yd Transform into a Spirit Wolf. Casting a spell breaks Spirit Wolf, returning you to Human form.

Spirit Wolf: Increases Movement Speed by 35%, Armor by 300, Magic Resist by 150, and healing received from all sources by 25%.

Symbiosis.png Symbiosis 380 Mana Instant 8 seconds 0yd Applies Symbiosis to all allies for 5 seconds.

Symbiosis: Heals for 231 every second and increases healing received by 3%.

ToxicSpore.png Toxic Spore 200 Mana Instant 4 seconds 80yd Creates a Toxic Spore at your cursor's location that explodes after 1 second.

Toxic Spore: Deals 1138 magic damage and applies Poison to all enemies within 15 yards for 3 seconds.

Windstorm.png Windstorm 230 Mana 1 16 seconds 80yd Applies Windstorm to target enemy for 3 seconds.

Windstorm: You are immune to healing and all sources of damage and cannot move or use any abilities.