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Champion is one of the classes in Arena of Kings. Champions are elite fighters with sheer force that excel in close-combat brawls while supporting allies with powerful Warcries. Equipped with Plate armor and a massive two-handed sword, any foe within striking distance will swiftly be Decapitated from an onslaught of attacks. One would be foolish to engage a Champion head-on in a fight.



Plate Armor

Primary Attributes[]



Base Stats[]

Health: 13090

Health/sec: 25

Rage: 100

Starting Rage: 15

Rage/sec: 10

Power: 538

Strength: 670

Agility: 300

Crit Chance: 21.13%

Movement Speed: 315

Armor: 630

Magic Resist: 280


Icon Name Cost Cast time Cooldown Range Description
Champion.png Champion Basic Attack 0 Rage Instant 0 seconds 15yd Deals 705 physical damage and restores 20-35 Rage.

(Passive) You have a 5% chance to perform an Extra Attack.

x Disrupting Blade 10 Rage Instant 16 seconds 15yd Deals 326 physical damage and Interrupts for 2.5 seconds. If an ability was Interrupted, deals an additional 292 physical damage, and applies Silence for 1 second. Ignores global cooldown.

Silence: Prevents the use of abilities.

Interrupt: Prevents the current casting spell from being performed and locks it for a short period of time if the spell has a cooldown.

Charge.png Charge 0 Rage Instant 18 seconds 55yd Charge towards target enemy dealing 478 physical damage and applying Charge for 1 second. You gain 25 Rage. Cannot be used while Rooted.

Charge: Decreases Movement Speed to 0%.

Coward.png Coward 30 Rage Instant 40 seconds 35yd Applies Fear for 2.2 seconds to all enemies within 35 yards of you.

Fear: Causes you to run in a random direction and prevents the use of abilities. Breaks upon receiving damage equal to 9% of your maximum health.

CripplingSlash.png Crippling Slash 0 Rage Instant 6 seconds 15yd Deals 329 physical damage and applies Hobble for 4 seconds to target enemy. Has a 20% chance to apply Crippling Slash for 2 seconds. Ignores global cooldown.

Hobble: Decreases Movement Speed by 60% and increases physical damage taken by 3%.

Crippling Slash: Decreases Movement Speed to 0%.

CrushingBlow.png Crushing Blow 30 Rage Instant 18 seconds 15yd Deals 279 physical damage and applies Stun for 2.2 seconds to target enemy. Ignores global cooldown.

Stun: Disables movement and prevents the use of abilities.

Decapitate.png Decapitate 0 Rage Instant 15 seconds 15yd Consume all of your Rage dealing 441 physical damage plus an additional 4 damage for each point of Rage consumed to target enemy. If your target is below 25% health, Decapitate is a guaranteed Critical Strike and deals 150% more damage.
EnduringWarcry.png Enduring Warcry 0 Rage Instant 15 seconds 60yd Heals 7% of missing health and applies Enduring Warcry to all allies within 60 yards for 10 seconds. Generates 5 Rage for each ally that hears the Warcry.

Enduring Warcry: Increases maximum health by 699 and restores 2% of missing health every other second.

Enrage.png Enrage 0 Rage Instant 40 seconds 0yd Applies Enrage to you for 4 seconds and you gain 20 Rage.

Enrage: Increases Power by 103 and all damage received by 20%. Generates 2 Rage every second. Generates Rage equal to 1% of the damage dealt with attacks.

Intimidation.png Intimidation 0 Rage Instant 0 seconds 30yd Aura: Passively applies Intimidation to all enemies within 30 yards.

Intimidation: Lowers Armor by 14% and Movement Speed by 8%.

Lacerate.png Lacerate 35 Rage Instant 5 seconds 15yd Deals 893 physical damage and applies Infection for 6 seconds to target enemy.

Infection: Reduces maximum health by 10%, all healing received by 30% and deals 1% of maximum health every second as physical damage.

MasterOfTheSword.png Master Of The Sword 0 Rage Instant 12 seconds 0yd Applies Master Of The Sword to you for 1.6 seconds.

Master Of The Sword: All damage taken is redirected to two floating blades. Upon expiration, the blades deal 25% of their stored damage to all enemies within 20 yards.

ResoundingWarcry.png Resounding Warcry 0 Rage Instant 45 seconds 60yd Applies Resounding Warcry to all allies within 60 yards for 3 seconds. Generates 15 Rage for each ally that hears the Warcry

Resounding Warcry: Increases Power by 48 and reduces all damage taken by 40%.

SlashingStrike.png Slashing Strike 30 Rage Instant 0 seconds 15yd Deals 871 physical damage and applies Bleeding for 3 seconds to target enemy. Applies Bloodthirst to you for 6 seconds.

Bleeding: Deals 1.85% of maximum health every second as true damage. Deals 1% of maximum health whenever an ability is used.

Bloodthirst: Heals for 20% of Bleeding damage dealt.

Sprint.png Sprint 0 Rage Instant 16 seconds 0yd Heals you for 5% of your maximum health and applies Sprint to you for 5 seconds. Ignores global cooldown.

Sprint: Applies a 25% Fading Haste and restores 5% (reduced by 1% every tick) health every second.

Whirlwind.png Whirlwind 50 Rage Instant 7 seconds 24yd Creates a Whirlwind around you, striking each nearby enemy twice for 394 physical damage. Restore health equal to 20% of the damage dealt. Ignores global cooldown.