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About Arena of Kings

Arena of Kings (AoK) is an online PvP game developed by Villain Games.

Play for free on Steam.

Choose your class, customize your spells, and jump straight into 3v3 arena battles in a fight to the death! In the Ascension Game Mode, consecutive victories bring your team closer toward The Arena Of Kings, an exclusive in-game event reserved for the two most worthy teams. Win and be rewarded with epic loot and a global announcement of your glory to the Arena of Kings universe. Is your team worthy of the throne?
Game Features
How to play guide for Arena of Kings

Release date

10 unique playable Classes that fill traditional RPG roles (melee, ranged, healer).

• 150+ Spells and Abilities! Customize your 8-slot Spell Bar to your liking. Every battle is a different experience!

• Limitless replayability - incredible depth in team composition theorycrafting. You create the metagame!

• Esports platform - In-game Automated Tournament System (with Ladder, Seasonal Rewards, and cash prizes!).

• Achieve Fame and global Ranking for your victories!

• Flexible matchmaking (solo, duo, and trio queue supported).

• Quick queues and fast action! (1-2 minute battles)

• Recruit A Friend and earn bonus Silver from Bounties to you both while partied!


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